Preschooler Care at Eureka Kids

  • Ages 33 months - 5 years
  • 2 Rooms
  • 20 Children per Room
  • 1:10 Staff/Student Ratio
  • 6AM-6PM Daily

In the Preschool Rooms at Eureka Kids our teachers create inclusive, safe, nurturing and supportive learning environments for preschool students to continue to grow and develop as they prepare for Kindergarten. Your child’s developing sense of safety, self-esteem, independence and confidence are important to us.

Preschool Program is designed to meet the social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical needs of children from the ages of 33 months to 5 years. The S.M.A.R.T.E.R. curriculum and activities we use in our Preschool Rooms are led by each child’s unique needs and abilities, and will nurture the children’s independence, discovery and imagination.

It is the teachers’ role to observe, meet children where they are at developmentally, and enrich their growth and learning experiences. Children are encouraged to become active learners by exploring the world around them, asking questions, having independent ideas and solving problems.

Our teachers will engage preschool children during daily routines and create an environment rich in purposeful play and hands-on experiences, as well as quality adult-child interactions which include kind voices, conversations and smiles. Daily routines, group activities and positive interactions with teachers and peers help children build relationships and a sense of community in the classroom.

Conferences will be held twice a year and your child’s progress reports will be available to you. The staff is responsive to each parent’s concerns and suggestions, and your child’s accomplishments are happily shared with you.

Each day is a new opportunity for your child’s growth and learning!



What we do:

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